We're pleased to offer custom drum tracks, recorded here at The Barn and played by Steve Robin.
Recorded in an ideal acoustic environment, using classic microphones, vintage preamps and analogue tape. And played by Steve Robin, a hugely experienced drummer, with a Masters in Music.
Steve has played on countless recordings that have been featured in TV and cinema, charted nationally and won international awards. Steve is a career musician who has played professionally in orchestras, big bands, funk, soul, blues and pop/rock acts.
We can video stream the session in high quality audio to you as it is recorded. Check out the videos below.

The Process

Step 1: Send us a message with some details about you and the track.

Step 2: You will receive an email with a link to upload your files and a link to make payment.

Step 3: Prepare your files for upload.

Tip: It is a good idea to use a click for your rough files. For the best results and groove, record and send only rough/guide stems. Build your final production from the drum tracks we supply.

Put a bar of click or 1 sec of tone at the beginning of each of your files. This will help sync with the files we provide you.

If have recorded without a click, that's ok. We can sync to a click and line it up for you. Or track only to your guides without a click if you prefer.

Step 4: We schedule a remote session (if required) and record your tracks! We then will upload the multitracks for you, and make your masterpiece.

PRICES in Aus$:

DRUM TRACK (up to 4 min song): $95


Studer A80 Analogue tape: $30

We can work on longer tracks and offer discounts for EP/Album tracking. Contact us to discuss.

Steve can also provide other production/programmed tracks. Send a message if you're keen.